University of Bristol medical students to graduate early in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis

Image from Junior doctors qualify early, 31st March 2020, University of Bristol,


At a time when the NHS is facing its biggest battle in recent years, the University of Bristol is enabling its fifth-year medical students to qualify early so they can begin working as doctors  across the UK by April 2020. Bristol is set to be one of the first medical schools to do this. Although graduation is earlier than expected, the students have all spent five or six years studying medicine and preparing for careers within health care. In a time when pressures on NHS resources are unprecedented, these medics expertise are needed now more than ever.


The Langford Trust wishes the class of 2020 Bristol medical students every success in their future careers and sincerely thank you for your commitment to supporting our communities across the country during this time of national crisis. Good luck!

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