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Christmas is coming and the challenge to find the perfect gift is on. The Langford Trust for Animal Health and Welfare has a selection of donation vouchers which make truly unique gifts for animal lovers.

Purchase a voucher and you will help the Trust in its mission to advance veterinary science and prevent animals suffering unnecessarily – a lasting gift for generations of animals.

How it works

Choose the value of the voucher you would like to buy and the card you would like printed in recognition of your donation. The voucher will be sent to you to either give to a friend or keep as a personal memento, while your donation money will directly aid our clinical research and educational projects.

Help with the direct care and treatment of animals

Your donation could sponsor a dog to attend the Mitral Valve Disease Clinic and help towards discovering new treatments for a debilitating cardiac condition that affects millions of dogs every year. Or it might help fund one of the 350 operations delivered at the Small Animal Neutering Clinic currently run by Bristol Vet School and supported by the Langford Trust.

Purchase research equipment

Your gift may go towards purchasing an accelerometer for our research into Trigeminal-mediated headshaking. This incredible tool will be trialled to measure objectively the response to treatment of horses suffering with neuropathic facial pain and potentially lead to better diagnosis and treatment.

Contribute to vital educational resources

Your donation could help provide essential surgical work placement for a final year veterinary student or assist in funding a pioneering research fieldtrip to better understand a specific animal disease or condition.

A Langford Trust donation voucher can achieve so much.

We hope you are inspired. Click here to purchase a voucher

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