Changing Lives with Veterinary Research

The focus of the Langford Trust is to establish animal health and welfare projects that can provide both valuable learning experiences for students,

whilst advancing the critical clinical skills and veterinary knowledge needed to help animals live well.

Our latest newsletter profiles one student’s research journey to demonstrate our impact. It was particularly unique as the work focussed abroad helping primates in sanctuaries located in Nigeria and Cameroon. The working environment was a challenging setting for the project but full of incredible learning opportunities.

The Trust is proud to have assisted with a diverse range of projects in 2023 at Bristol Vet School. Each study has gathered preliminary data to validate the case for a larger research study or contributed to clinical trials to establish a novel treatment or approach to animal health management. In particular:

  • Equine ophthalmology research identifying the tear film and corneal changes associated with PPID or EMS. Contributing to the knowledge of the pathophysiology of PPID and EMS in horses and help in the treatment of affected cases with ocular disease
  • Canine paralysis research working with Dr Jon Prager and funding from the Alice Noakes Memorial Trust. Furthering cell transplantation for spinal cord injury in dogs; developing a novel method to image cell-hydrogel transplants.
  • Wearable technology research for dogs; assisting with heart rate monitoring in the home environment led by Brooker Bennett RVN working with patients of the canine mitral valve clinic at Langford.
  • Early disease detection in cattle using Artificial Intelligence based at Wyndhurst Farm, Langford working with Dr Laszlo Talas.

Our Trustees are continually assessing ways to assist in advancing animal health and welfare. If you wish to get involved in supporting projects or wish to find out more about the work of the Trust please do get in touch.

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