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We were pleased to support Josh Kennils, under the supervision of Christina Maunder, with his study to compare the UPC ratio (the ratio between the amount of protein and the amount of creatinine in the urine).  The comparison is between feline urine samples obtained via cystocentesis – this is when the sample is taken directly from the bladder by the vet using a needle and syringe and free-catch which is when the sample is obtained from a cats’s litter tray using non-absorbent sand.  This study has the potential to improve the welfare for all feline patients not just those seen in hospital or referral settings.  It is thought  this work could increase frequency of which the UPC ratio is measured, as first opinion practitioners may find owners reluctant to allow cystocentesis but willing to try collecting a sample at home.  This will enable disease processes to be picked up earlier,  thereby allowing treatment plans to be initiated earlier.


We were proud that Josh was invited to display his poster at the ECVPT/ESVNU Symposium: Pharmacology and the kidney, held at the RVC in July. With YOUR help the Langford Trust can support other vitally important projects addressing animal health and welfare issues.  There is always more work to be done and more funding needed.  You are able to make a huge difference to the lives of all animals.  Please help us to help them.

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