Does your dog suffer from long-term paralysis?

The Langford Trust has funded  a PhD looking at   spinal cord injury repair in pet dogs.  This is  important research with the possibility of far reaching results; we have recently received a  significant donation from the West of England Dachshund Association to further  this  neurological study.  Jon Prager has nearly finished this  PhD which he has done at Langford, with supervisors Nicolas Granger and Guillame Chanoit, and now for various reasons this particular trial  will be done in the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in Hertfordshire.

If you have a dog suffering from long-term paralysis please read this poster.  Alternatively pass on the link to someone you may know who owns a dog suffering from long-term paralysis.

Additional  numbers of dogs in this series would help to build more robust evidence for this approach;  a successful trial could benefit the large population of dogs that suffer from spinal cord injury.




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